The top 5 colours for your roof restoration project

After choosing your roof restoration expert. The next choice you have to make in your roof restoration project is “which colour do I paint my roof?”

Below we have complied a list of the top 5 colours you should choose for your roof restoration project.

  1. The modern

The number 1 top colour for a roof restoration that we do is….. (drum roll)

Monument®, This is a Colorbond colour. 80% of the roof restorations that we complete are in this colour.

And as the Colorbond website states:

“unashamedly a city colour. It will emphasise the modernity of today’s architecture. It is a strong, confident, neutral colour adding depth and strength to the colour palette”

With any colour you choose for your roof restoration it will be dependent on the colour of your house.

If you are thinking of changing the colour of your home to compliment your roof restoration. We can recommend the following colours:

Tranquil Retreat for the main colour and any highlights in a shade of white.

Or my favourite, Male quarter with dark brown teak wood

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  1. The classic

The next colour on our roof restoration list is one of the of those colours that will restore the classic look to your house;

Indian red

We find that these colours are popular for people with a brick home. It also pays to get an acid or high pressure clean on the brick work to compliment the roof restoration.

If you are after a classic look today give us a call or drop us an email, we love all looks modern or classic. We will help guide you in your choices

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  1. Another modern

Dark colours are all the rage right now for a roof restoration project. This colour will is known by most…


While charcoal is popular now, it will always be a classic, roofs dating back to the 1800’s were this colour.

  1. The bold

This is not for the faint-hearted but looks amazing. If you are looking to make a statement in your street with your roof restoration then don’t look past Night Sky® another Colorbond colour

  1. The beach side get away

Number 5 on the list is for those who are looking for that beachside get away. While this is not a typical roof restoration, more fitting for a new build or roof replacement.

It is a colour that always gets us thinking about holidays rather than roof restorations.

With a very fitting name, consider Surfmist® again this is another Colorbond colour. Consider this colour for your roof replacement.

It is a colour that is very well suited for a weatherboard home that is light in colour.

Add some palm trees and lots of greenery… you have your little oasis where ever you are.

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Hopefully this list helps inspire your next roof restoration project.

Feel free to reach out to us. whether its colour choice, products used or estimated cost of your roof restoration.


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