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Professional and experienced

With more than 15 years’ experience working for one of the largest roofing restoration companies in Australia, you can be sure that we come to you with a professional work ethic and we will deliver high standard in all our work. We are licensed applicators of RoofReviver paints.

We are on the panel for the SES for emergency roofing repairs. There is no job too big or small for us to complete.

Leave your details below and see if we can help restore your roof to its former glory.

Quality paint and materials

Roof Reviver roof restoration paints have been developed with industry expert roof restorers to deliver you a product that not only restores your roof to its former glory but lasts.

The materials used in Roof Revivers roof restoration paints are environmentally friendly.

It’s 100% water based acrylic emulsions combined with fade resistant inorganic tints provides a tough hardwearing roof coating that is perfect for the harsh Australian sun. Roof Reviver roof restoration paints are completely suitable for catching drinking water.

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What our customers are saying about us;

Roof respray

I had my roof restored almost 3 years ago by Lee and it is still look as good as the day it was restored. Lee was was very professional, he repointed all the corners, the roof was pressure washed. After that Lee repsrayed and sealed the roof with the colour I chose. The only regret was waiting so long to get it restored.


I just want to say how much we appreciate your good work.

The roof looks really amazing, it looks like new! I lost your cards, I can't believe it. When you come back I will have to get more because I would like to recommend you at any opportunity.  


Lee and crew were very professional with sound advice

Thanks Lee for the roof restoration and repairs. Colour recommendation for the roof and the rendering looks amazing. My neighbours are all jealous, so I gave them your number.


Quick roof fix on a stormy day

It wasn't a roof restoration but Lee was able to come and fix my leaking roof before one of the craziest Sydney storms I have seen. Nothing stops this young man for getting the job done. You are a life saver Lee! Thank you.


Don't be fooled by the promise of low cost roof restorations

Don't be fooled by low cost roof restorations

Most deals that sound too good to be true, are too good to be true! You have no doubt seen the signs nailed to power poles that fall into that category.

“Roof restoration, 2 coats $1500”

They are definitely a good marketing strategy – because they are every where and get you thinking about restoring your roof. – but they are never a good deal for you.

Many rogue operators use this one and only marketing strategy and most of them disappear after a few months.

We have seen countless times where  they use inferior products with limited or no warranty. Watering down the paint or mixing it with sealer to make up for the cheap price they have offered.

When choosing a roof restoration company, it pays to do your research. Ask to see roof restorations that they have already done. Ask if you can speak to some of their customers and most importantly check the products that they use.

At Foreverlast roofing we are licensed applicators of Roof Reviver products which come the best warranty on the market. Request a quote from us today.

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*Roof reviver paints are guaranteed for 7 years on cement tiles and 4 years on painted terracotta tiles